Power Sweeping/Parking Lot Cleaning

Dare Commercial Services offers our customers complete and comprehensive exterior commercial property services. Our cleaning & power sweeping division provides complete parking lot sweeping for commercial properties. Our services include emptying trash containers and cleaning of store front areas. Never underestimate the power of clean parking lots. Your customers will appreciate having a safe and tidy place to park!

Our highly qualified power sweeping technicians have a fleet of 15 Schwarze and Nitehawk sweepers, backpack blowers, brooms and shovels at their disposal.

Service to Our Customers

Supervisors inspect sites routinely. Direct customer contact is available on each visit, which guarantees client satisfaction. A receipt for services is also available after services are performed.


Dare Commercial Services, LLC power sweeping is fully insured, with auto, worker liability and compensation insurance.

Parking Lot Maintenance

These uniformed professionals clean and clear all trash and debris on the parking lot area. The appropriate equipment will be utilized for each situation, and, when necessary, the power sweeping technicians will manually clear and clean areas inaccessible to the power sweeper.

In addition, trash receptacles are emptied and liners are replaced on each visit.

Power Sweeping/Parking Lot Cleaning

Power Washing

Property frontages and walkways are maintained through expert cleaning as debris and unsightly waste are cleared and removed from the premises.

Power Sweeping/Parking Lot Cleaning

Sign Repair & Installation

We are able to install all signage that are faded in parking lots and streets.

Power Sweeping/Parking Lot Cleaning

Parking Lot Painting

We perform line striping and painting on all types of surfaces.

Power Sweeping/Parking Lot Cleaning

Seasonal Options

Our conscientious staff is also available to remove leaves from property throughout the autumn months as well as the sand that may accumulate during the winter season.