Interior Commercial Landscaping Services

The DCS Interior Landscaping Design & Maintenance Division technicians create and maintain an aesthetically pleasing setting for your company. Each visit by our technician is verified with a signed receipt by an appointed representative from your company. The receipt describes the maintenance that was performed and the amount of time that was spent at your location.

Any plant that fails through negligence or oversight on the part of our maintenance technicians will be replaced.

Each visit is verified with a receipt signed by your company’s designated contact.
This receipt describes the maintenance that has been performed and the amount of time spent on your property.

Exterior Commercial Landscaping Services

Our exterior landscaping design & maintenance division provides lawn maintenance and tree and shrub care for commercial properties. Our flower program provides hundreds of varieties of flowers to improve the appearance of the property. Our site cleanup program restores overgrown or neglected properties. We can even suggest award-winning design and maintenance programs that are best suited for your site.

Lawn Maintenance Program

Mowing, Edging & Weeding

Our exterior landscaping design & maintenance uniformed team of professionals mows all primary grass on each visit. In addition to primary mowing, the grass is edged to create a neat appearance and weeds are controlled throughout the curbs and boundary areas of the property. Secondary grass is cut and edged as needed.

Additional Exterior Landscaping Services

Flower Program

Exterior Landscaping design specialists will provide flowering plants that complement your business environment. Seasonal displays may include attractive pansies and tulips when available in early spring as well as a variety of late spring and summer annuals to add color and beauty to your premises. Among other options for ornamentation, we plant Cabbage and Kale to accompany the fall and winter season. Seasonal planting won’t just keep your lawns looking lush and attractive through-out the year, it’s also better for the environment to plant hardy and native plant species.

Chemical Program

Our professional contractors are licensed commercial pesticide applicators by the state of New Jersey. Our program includes application of all fertilizers and pesticides, both liquid and dry, and we comply with all OSHA and “Community Right to Know” laws. These applications are maintained to ensure healthy, vigorous and disease-free plants.

Trimming Program

Tree and shrub trimming and shaping is performed twice per year. Our professionals also clear organic debris and trash from shrub beds as necessary to maintain the health of the plant. Also available for a minimal additional cost, existing overgrown shrubs can be cut back and shaped to create a more pleasing appearance.

Mulch Program

To retard weed growth and maintain moisture, our highly skilled technicians remove and replace aged mulch with hardwood mulch. This process will not only create a healthy surrounding for your plants and bushes but it will also produce a fresh appearance for your landscape.