Our Mission

Since 1980, Dare Commercial Services / Exaktheit Management, LLC ( Pronounced - Exact tight )has sought to enhance our clients’ investments by creating quality living & working environments. We have built our reputation around hands-on property management and we remain committed to providing the highest standards of service and integrity to our clients.

Who We Serve

As a third-party property manager, Exaktheit Management has two sets of customers, our clients and our tenants. When your tenants are satisfied with and proud of their retail or industrial space, we are able to maximize rental income and thereby meet or exceed our client’s goals. Our highly professional and dedicated employees enable Exaktheit to service both sets of customers successfully.

Property Management Only

Our only business is property management. This allows us to operate with zero conflicts of interest for our clients. This distinguishes us from other firms and enables us to provide the personalized service each property deserves, without the distraction that ownership can cause. If these services are needed, we can give you 2-3 companies we have worked with in the past for leasing and brokerage.

Professional Accounting Services

Accurate reporting, smart analytics, and open lines of communication help you make effective decisions for one or multiple properties. We use Quickbooks Enterprise Software to manage data and create routine and customized reports at the click of a button. You’ll always be up-to-date on information you need about your property, within the context of your market, region, and facility type.

Responsive Property Management

Routine property visits and real-time information sharing ensure our property management capabilities are second to none. At Exaktheit Management, LLC, we make sure we know what’s going on at every property we manage by visiting in person every week. And by using Dare Reports powerful Data Collection System in real time.

Reliable Caretaker Services, Property Inspections, and other Services

Exaktheit provides many value-adding services to our commercial property clients, not all of whom require a full-scale property management program. Some properties require less-frequent caretaker services, while other clients need property inspections prior to a purchase or lease. We offer these and other periodic property-related duties.

Exaktheit Management: Property Management Inquiry