Dare Reports simplifies and accelerates how you collect info in the field and get it back to the office

Get your data working
faster and better than ever

Faster, better data. Now, your field personnel data is always current and always easy to access.

Keep your files up-to-date and available for your field personnel. Pre-populate your forms importing instantly from your data. Send your information to Dare Reports to create lookup tables with your existing information.

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Dispatch and manage data easier, faster and more accurately than ever

We will design the right form for your task and then publish it to your dashboard.

Use the power of today’s mobile devices to turbocharge your field-based workers. Easy features like radio buttons, drop-down menus, auto-calculations and image capture make doing paperwork or documenting the jobsite a snap. And, no more driving forms back to the office.

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Dispatch work order forms containing
critical job details to mobile workers in real-time


Make it easy for field personnel to get/return forms

Put the power of a well-managed mobile work force within reach. Dispatch and manage your field-based sales and service staff from your web dashboard. See exactly when the device received the form and when your employee viewed it. No more lag time waiting for field-based workers to pick up forms. Pre-populate forms with data, and other critical details based on job requirements.


Keep track of all your resources

Document and support employee and equipment activities using built-in GPS, adjusted to the updating intervals you require.

Form Retrieval / Form Forwarding

Share and retrieve saved forms

Need multiple people to work on the same form? Workers can forward forms to colleagues, retrieve forms to edit or augment, and send back to the office via the cloud. Dare Reports has form-level locking to ensure data integrity.

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Set Up and Pricing

Our reports allow you to take pictures or video with spoken description (voice to text) to fill critical data on location into your reports. Our built-in, GPS geo-stamp feature will verify your location at start-up for each report. Finished reports are automatically emailed to 1 or more addresses and uploaded to your desktop dashboard – waiting for you at your office. Data is quickly searched by date, personnel, location or report and can be easily exported to other programs. The costs listed below include minor revisions to forms and customer support.

What kind of reports are we talking about?

$ 959.00 per month includes:

Complete setup – includes 3 custom built – 1 page forms, 3 device licenses ( smartphone or tablet – iOS or Android), 1 PC desktop dashboard license.
Also included: a created database to hold recurring / drop-down information. Personnel names, site information, addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc.
Data stored indefinitely - unlimited file size – access data anywhere in the world.

  • Unlimited number of devices per program ( tablets, smartphones, desktops)
  • Unlimited number of forms
  • Unlimited number of reports