Bulk and Large Debris Removal Services

Did you know that in addition to providing power sweeping and landscaping to the Delaware Valley, Dare also offers debris removal services? It’s true! Whether you have a giant mess you need cleaned up or just a few large objects removed, Dare has your back.

Your regular sanitation service providers take care of the expected. That is, what’s in your dumpster. But Dare can help you with those unexpected messes—Such as a storm knocking over your trash cans or dumpster, strewing debris across your property; as shown in the photo below:

A lot strewn with litter

Likewise, overflowing cans or an overflowing dumpster can result in a similar mess. As you can see in the photo below, Dare knows how to deal with it.

The same lot now clean. Debris removal.

Litter Build Up

Certain messes are unavoidable unless you stay on top of them. But every property owner has that one section of their property that is difficult to keep an eye on every day. Maybe it’s a small alleyway that’s never used, or a small space tucked away in the back lot. Whatever it is, these sections of property can fill up with litter over time as the wind or rain can cause scattered debris to accumulate in localized clumps. This can be seen in the photo below:

Litter buildup in an alleyway.

A mess like this is rarely anyone’s fault, it’s just a bit of bad luck. But Dare can make quick work of it:

The same alleyway now clean. Debris removal.

Large Debris Removal

Every commercial property owner who owns a dumpster has dealt with illegal dumping. Someone has a couch or mattress that they don’t know how to dispose of, so they drive over to your property and dump the material either in or next to your dumpster with the assumption that “someone” will haul it away. Or maybe you have your own large debris that needs to be removed. Either way, Dare’s here to help.

As you can see in the photo below, someone dumped a couch on this client’s property.

A couch dumped next to a dumpster.

We were able to quickly come in and haul it away.

That same area with the couch removed. Debris removal.

Don’t Wait

As we discussed in an earlier blog, as much as a single piece of litter can encourage others to do the same. Now, scale this up to something the size of a couch. We might call it illegal dumping, but at its core it is still littering.

Allowing illegally dumped large debris to sit in your waste disposal areas for two long can encourage others to do the same. So don’t wait! Click the link below and get your quote today.

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Image in background of cover photo courtesy of Brian Yurasits.