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Dare Power Sweeping is the best parking lot sweeping company in Delaware. Dare also offers interior landscaping, exterior landscaping, property management and contracting services in Delaware.

Dare Commercial Services was established in 1980 as a small business enterprise under the direction of Doug, Susan and Scott Dare.

At Dare Commercial Services we know that before a customer comes through your door, you’ve already made an impression. The fact is, the condition of your parking lot and landscaping says a lot about your brand. All of our clients take pride in their well-maintained and easy to navigate parking lots. They know that their parking lot represents a direct reflection on their company; and their customers notice!

Dare Commercial Services specializes in complete parking lot sweeping for commercial properties. Our services include emptying trash containers and cleaning of store front areas. Never underestimate the power of clean parking lots. Your customers will appreciate having a safe and clean place to park.

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One-Stop-Shop For Parking Lot Cleaning & Sweeping

Dirt, debris, and trash are no match for our professional power sweeping team in Delaware! If your parking lot is filled with clutter, seasonal debris, or other unsightly elements that diminish your business’ appearance, our detail-oriented team is here to help. With years in the parking lot sweeping business, our commitment to friendly service and quality power sweeping will provide your storefront or commercial space with a welcoming and clean entryway that customers and staff alike will appreciate.

Our experienced parking lot cleaning technicians use the most advanced power sweeping equipment in the industry. Along with professional power sweeping, our team will hand sweep hard-to-reach areas and remove trash from the surrounding area. We can sweep up your entryways, blowdown sidewalks for trash and cigarette butts and professionally sanitize every exterior area that needs a refresh.

Parking lot sweeping services in Delaware
Why It’s Crucial to Maintain a Clean Parking Lot
  • It discourages littering
  • To avoid lawsuits from potential injuries or accidents
  • Provides a good first impression to customers
  • Keeps out unwanted rodents & pests
  • & it protects the surface of your lot

When you partner with Dare to manage your parking lot cleaning services, our depth of cleaning capabilities extends beyond the basics. We can maintain clean garbage containers, update your parking lot with fresh paint striping, replace signage, and even offer full-service graffiti removal with our advanced power washing equipment. From the edge of your parking lot to the steps leading up to your company, our detail-oriented technicians never leave a job site until your exterior surfaces are spotlessly refreshed.

Parking Lot Cleaning Benefits
  • Prevent Premature Parking Lot Repair Expenses
  • Reduce Potential Customer Injury From Hazardous Debris or Gravel
  • Minimize Rodent & Insect Presence by Proactively Removing Trash
  • Deter Littering; a Clean Parking Lot is More Likely to be Respected
  • & More Business-Boosting Benefits…

Following our comprehensive cleaning services, you can expect a well-maintained storefront that properly represents your company’s commitment to professionalism and quality. We treat every service in Wilmington, DE as if it were a parking lot sweeping for our own business, and ensure that every jobsite is thoroughly inspected before our crew departs.

Professional Power Sweeping in Wilmington, DE
Take advantage of our parking lot sweeping in Wilmington, DE as frequently as your business needs. We can provide regularly scheduled seasonal cleanups, flexible service following storms or dusty days, and offer fast service times so you’ll never have to deal with a dirty lot for long. With a wide service range from Wilmington, DE, to New Castle County, DE, and beyond, you can expect our team to arrive on time with everything they need to complete the job with efficiency. With our fast service and flexible service windows, your business can expect a deeper level of cleanliness without any unnecessary business interruptions.
Parking Lot Services That We Provide
  • Cleaning walkways & storefronts
  • Emptying trash containers
  • Sign repair & installation
  • Parking lot painting
  • & More

As your go-to source for exceptional parking lot cleaning and updates, we professionally manage every element that affects the quality of your parking lot. Our professional sealing, striping, and parking lot repair services are affordable, handled by credentialed technicians, and result in professionally finished parking lots that are safer, attractive, and marked for new and repeat customers’ improved access to your business.

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Don’t let a dingy parking lot or graffiti drive customers away from your New Castle, DE, or Wilmington, DE business. Contact Call Dare, we provide power sweeping & parking lot cleaning services.

Call Dare provides power sweeping and parking lot sweeping services in Wilmington, DE, and New Castle, DE. Give our team a call today, and we will get your parking lot looking brand new once again. We offer a bevy of services to keep your commercial parking lot looking fabulous and welcoming, including:

  • Parking lot sweeping
  • Power sweeping
  • Large debris hauling
  • Graffiti removal
  • Exterior painting
  • Storm drain jetting and cleaning
  • Pothole repair
  • Pressure washing sidewalks and façades
  • Commercial Landscaping
  • Bollard installation

Our commercial landscaping and bollard installation services work well together. Bollards divide the parking lot from the sidewalks and the landscaped areas. Think of them as parking guideposts that also protect your grass and flowers.

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Our convenient parking lot sweeping in DE includes our commitment to honest estimates and fair service. We hope to establish long-term relationships with our clients by providing courteous and helpful service that adapts to your evolving business needs.

If your business could benefit from neat and clean parking lot, or you need any type of exterior service like new line striping or signage installed, get in touch with our friendly professionals for flexible scheduling and reliable service whenever you need us!

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Call Dare provides power sweeping and other services throughout the state of Delaware. We offer both a single stand-alone cleaning and a monthly package! Visit our website today to learn more!