Employee Spotlight: VP of Marketing, Scott Dare

Employee Spotlight: VP of Marketing, Scott Dare 

Despite towering at 6’2,” Dare’s VP of Marketing, Scott Dare, is anything but intimidating. He greets everyone with a friendly smile and an honest handshake. I mention his height because it’s what barred him from pursuing his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut, as the height limit in the ‘70s was 5’11.” But this did little to dissuade Scott’s adventurous spirit and penchant for hard work.

            Growing up in Washington Twp., New Jersey, Scott worked alongside his brother, Doug, at a local nursery in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. Doug started the company in 1980 and Scott helped out, but he also started worked in retail—working for both Sears and Webster Menswear. After graduating from Glassboro University (now Rowan University) in 1988, with a degree in business, Scott became the manager at Webster and later managed Associated Textile Rental Services, Inc.—engaged as a linen supply service; providing linen and uniform rental, industrial linen rental, and dust control to the Philadelphia and South Jersey market. It was here that Scott was able to learn the ins-and-outs of the area—knowledge that still proves invaluable to his work today.

            Scott’s favorite part about working at Dare is the great group of coworkers that surrounds him, as well as getting to work with his brother, Doug. He says that his brother supports his unique and outside-of-the-box ideas and stresses the importance for businesses to cultivate an environment in which original, creative thinking can thrive. Innovative solutions grow more important everyday as technology advances and the needs of customers change. Scott understands the importance of adapting to the evolving industry, whether through new technology or new ideas.

            Scott is a team player and believes we all succeed when we support one another. When I asked him about this he told me, “Find a great mentor and you will succeed in life.” Scott would like to thank some of his mentors: His father (Robert Dare), Ben Griffith of South Jersey Credit Union, Harry Cuthbertson of Ford Motor Company, Jonathan Sayer (history teacher), his father-in-law (Michael Belmonte), and Bill Slough (the best salesman Scott knows!).

            Outside of work, Scott likes to spend time with his family at the Jersey Shore, travel with his wife, and cheer on his favorite team, the Eagles. He is devoted to seizing the day and putting family first. Scott believes in sharing the success of being part of a team, whether that team is a football team, a business, or a family—It’s working together and supporting one another that truly matters.