Get to Know Dare Reports

Dare Reports is a one-stop, comprehensive guide to making your commercial property the best it can be and so much more. Dare Reports collects all the relevant information about your property into one easy and convenient app. We survey the good, the bad, and the ugly and report it all back to you so you know exactly what needs to be done. It’s a mobile app for easily collecting info directly on your smart phone or tablet. And it’s a web dashboard for building forms for viewing and editing fresh data back at the office.

So How Does It Work?

Our reports allow us to take pictures or video with spoken description (voice to text) to fill critical data on location into your reports. Our built-in, GPS geo-stamp feature will verify your location at start-up for each report. Finished reports are automatically emailed to one or more addresses and uploaded to our desktop dashboard. Data is quickly searched by date, personnel, location or report and can be easily exported to other programs. It’s a program we use out in the field but it’s also a program that you can use yourself.

How Does Dare Use It?

We conduct a detailed survey of your property, using Dare Reports to catalog everything we find. Pictures are embedded into the report for easy reference.

Get to know Dare Reports: An example of a Dare Report

We use this data to create a plan of action and get your property looking better than ever.

What Kind of Reports Are We Talking About?

  • Asset inspection
  • Snow event evaluation
  • Landscaping evaluation
  • Available space survey
  • Lighting inspection
  • Power sweeping evaluation
  • Tenant survey
  • Incident reports
  • Customer Survey
  • Engineer field notes
  • Emergency repair order
  • ADA compliance report

Get To Know Dare Reports: Why Do You Need This?

Routine and habit lead to blind spots. You see your property every day and so it’s only natural that your eye will miss small details. And then there are the forgotten areas of your property, areas you rarely have a reason to visit. With Dare Reports, our team conducts a detailed survey of your property with fresh eyes. We pick out all the things that might otherwise have been missed and develop a plan for remedying these issues quickly and efficiently.

Only Interested in the Software?

Maybe you don’t own a commercial property but are interested in using this software for your own business. No problem! Dare offers a comprehensive package including 3 custom built 1-page forms, 3 device licenses ( smartphone or tablet – iOS or Android), 1 PC desktop dashboard license. Also included: a created database to hold recurring / drop-down information. Personnel names, site information, addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc. Data stored indefinitely – unlimited file size – access data anywhere in the world. Unlimited number of devices per program, unlimited number of forms, and unlimited number of reports.

Ready to Get Started?

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