Retention Basin Maintenance in New Jersey

The Difference Between Detention & Retention Ponds

Detention and retention ponds help to preserve the surrounding terrain by reducing damage caused by flooding or excessive runoff. These essential landscaping features collect and release water at a gradual pace, resulting in a protective landscaping feature that can also enhance the appearance of a property with a well-placed pond design.

Both detention and retention ponds aid in the process of filtering collected pollutants from storm runoff and snowmelt. Using natural filtration within the pond, and direct filtration like cement blocks or grates at the pond access points, these land-enriching features can help to reduce groundwater contamination, chemical runoff, and serve as a naturally purified habitat for local wildlife.

A detention basin, also known as a dry pond, is generally dry until a storm or snowmelt occurs. Detention designs require a larger space with a gradual slope, so you’ll often see a detention basin near soccer fields or farmland. With basic drain clearing and general landscaping around these larger drainage areas, properly designed detention basins are relatively easy to maintain.

A retention pond, also known as a wet pond, maintains a pool of water year round and is commonly found throughout residential areas or commercial properties. Used for flood prevention, structure protection, and enhanced aesthetic appeal. Since these retention ponds collect everything flowing in from the surrounding area, ongoing retention basin maintenance is essential to ensure that drainage is flowing property and the aesthetic qualities are preserved.

Tips for Retention Basin Maintenance:

  • Keep out trash & debris
  • Make sure to mow the areas around the pond
  • Remove weeds that may block water flow
  • Keep the water clean & remove any accumulated sediment
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Retention Pond Cleaning in Mercer County, NJ

Stay ahead of your retention basin maintenance needs by partnering with our professional landscaping team in Camden County, NJ, Burlington County, NJ, or Mercer County, NJ. With our comprehensive retention basin maintenance services, we provide flow-improving edge clearing, remove unwanted debris, and prevent problems in advance with regularly scheduled maintenance.

Our pond maintenance services are ideal for retention basin maintenance of all shapes and sizes. We specialize in retention basin maintenance for commercial spaces and go above and beyond with every service to improve the quality of your landscaping features while consistently providing our clients with a stunning landscape that is healthy and vibrant.

With routine basin maintenance, the majority of drainage issues are proactively prevented. We ensure that the pond is completely clear of clutter and the surrounding edges are professionally maintained. If the system has been neglected or large debris has become trapped within the storm drainage system, our full-service team can even handle the bigger cleaning tasks. We offer power jetting services for comprehensive storm drain clearance and guarantee that your systems will function properly and flow better following our cost-effective services.

Quality & Service You Can Count On

With only the most skilled maintenance technicians, landscapers, contractors and service professionals on our team, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work the first time, every time.

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Preserving the natural beauty and function of your space is our goal, and with our reliable commercial landscaping in Atlantic City, NJ, your property will have the ongoing care it deserves. Beyond the professional pond cleaning services we provide, you can access our detail-oriented landscaping and property maintenance services for every other ongoing property need you may have. We keep lawns fresh, we trim trees and bushes to your preferred style and offer a healthy variety of seasonal florals and tropical plants in an ongoing effort to become the best exterior landscaping team in Camden County, NJ.

We offer flexible scheduling, affordable rates, and proudly serve a variety of convenient locations, like:
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