Show Your Property Some Love

It’s February, and that means Valentine’s Day! Chocolate and cards might not be what your property needs, but there are plenty of other great ways to show your property some love—this month, and all year round. Roses are red, violets are blue, let’s see what Dare can do for you!

Sweep Your Property Off Its Feet

Power sweeping helps keep both pedestrians and vehicles safe by removing hazardous debris such as gravel, sand, dirt, oil, and trash. When vehicles run over these substances they act like an abrasive and cause damage to the parking lot’s surface.

A photo of one of our power sweepers.

Substances like sand and dirt are not only unsightly on the outside but can attach to shoes and be treaded into businesses as well. Worst of all, these substances can prove to be dangerous tripping hazards for pedestrians.

Regularly power sweeping removes this harmful debris, keeping your property both safe and aesthetically pleasing for visitors.

Cleanliness is Friendliness

Every parking lot gets dirty, but it no parking lot has to stay that way. Pavement maintenance and debris removal are essential elements of parking lot maintenance.

A photo of a property with an overflowing trash can with a bag placed on the lid.

Courtesy of Andrea De Santis

 Only 11% of people tend to litter in a clean environment. This means that there will always be something that has to get picked up. In an earlier blog, we provide research showing that 41% of people tend to litter in an environment that already contains litter.

Without a consistent cleaning schedule of debris removal and power sweeping, your property will accumulate the regular 11%, plus an additional 30%.

But don’t worry, our team is out sweeping every night. Just call Dare!

Beautify the Signs on Your Property

Parking lot signs are exposed to all the elements, including troublemakers armed with spray paint. But the sun and wind can do just as much damage overtime. Plus, there’s the occasional accident.

A photograph of a traffic sign on a property.

Courtesy of  Natural Photos.

As you may know, the only signs you are typically required to have by law are handicap parking signs and fire zone signs. But other signs, such as stop signs, pedestrian crossing signs, and direction signs will make your property or parking lot safer to navigate. What signage you do or do not have might also have an affect on your property insurance.

Dare can help you with all your signage needs, whether they need to be cleaned, repositioned, or just replaced, Dare has your back.

Ready to Get Started?

Our team of experts are ready to help you with everything you need to show your property some love. And don’t worry, we didn’t forget the flowers—we do landscaping too! Click the link below to get a quote on landscaping, sweeping, debris removal, and more.

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Featured image courtesy of Michael Fenton