Snow Removal Services

Winter. Some people love it, some people hate it. And for the latter, the only thing worse than the endless days of bitter cold and gray skies, is the snow. Even those of us who love the sight of our neighborhood covered in a blanket of white are less than keen to venture out into it. This is why snow removal is so important for commercial property owners. After they dig out their driveway, clear off their car, struggle through the icy roads, it’s you who can greet your customers or clients to a beautifully plowed and cleaned parking lot.


A photo of a snowy scene on a street in need of snow removal.

Courtesy of Iris


A plowed parking lot doesn’t just look nicer and more inviting, it’s much safer than an unplowed or partially shoveled parking lot. Failure to properly clear your parking lot of ice and snow could result in vehicular accidents, as well as pedestrian accidents such as slips and falls. As we covered in a previous blog, you could potentially be held responsible for both such accidents.


Each state has their own laws concerning snow and ice removal, and some states leave the specifics to local municipalities and governing bodies, so make sure you keep up on the specific laws in your area. However, New Jersey does have a state law requiring all commercial property owners to remove snow and ice from all abutting sidewalks.


Another snowy scene of a street in need of snow removal.

Courtesy of Etienne Delorieux

Pavement Protection

Leaving snow and ice to accumulate and sit for too long can damage your pavement. As pavement freezes and thaws it can often crack and form potholes. This is explored further in an earlier blog post.

Inlets and drainage systems can also become damaged via freezing and thawing. And if your drainage system becomes damaged due to ice and snow, where is all that ice and snow going to go when it melts? It’s best to keep the experiments to the scientists and just call Dare for all your snow removal needs.

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The Delaware Valley has already had their first snow of the year and there is bound to be more to come. Don’t get left out in the cold. Click the link below and get your quote today! But please note that snow removal is a service that we only provide for our existing clients that also have sweeping and landscape services.

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