Up and Down the Parking Lot

Parking lots can be busy places, full of bustling, busy faces. Parking lots can’t be kept for free, what with all the pavement, signs, and debris. Parking lots need attending to, so let’s learn how Dare is here to help you. You have work up above, you have work down below, work every which way you don’t know where to go. But whether it’s up or whether it’s down, Dare can help turn it all around.

Down at the Parking Lot

Strolling through any parking lot, you’ll either look up or look down. Looking down we might see clean, smooth pavement, or something less appealing. Pavement maintenance and debris removal are essential elements of parking lot maintenance.

 Only 11% of people tend to litter in a clean environment. This means that there will always be something that has to get picked up. In an earlier blog, we provide research showing that 41% of people tend to litter in an environment that already contains litter.

Without a consistent cleaning schedule of debris removal and power sweeping, your property will accumulate the regular 11%, plus an additional 30%.

Bulk Debris?

Your regular sanitation service providers take care of the expected. That is, what’s in your dumpster. But Dare can help you with those unexpected messes—Such as a storm knocking over your trash cans or dumpster, strewing debris across your property; as shown in the photo below:

A before shot of bulk debris in a parking lot.

Likewise, overflowing cans or an overflowing dumpster can result in a similar mess. As you can see in the photo below, Dare knows how to deal with it.

An after shot of bulk debris removal in a parking lot.

What’s Up at the Parking Lot?

When we look up at the parking lot, we see signs! Signs are an important part of any parking lot. They tell people where they can and can’t go, keeping visitors safe and reserving accommodations for those who require them.

The two most important types of signage are handicap parking signs and fire lane signs. These types of signs are required by law and the amount and placement of these signs will differ depending on the size and location of your property.

An illustrations of various road signs.

Courtesy of Brandon Industries

Failure to properly follow your local laws regarding handicap parking and fire lanes can result in lawsuits. Fire lanes are determined by your local fire department and differ depending on your location.

For instance, in Jersey City, fire lanes are designated not by the property owner but by the Fire Official, with the approval of the Director of Public Safety and the Chief of Police. This might be slightly different in your neck of the woods, so be sure to search for your area’s specific requirements.

Turn Around Your Parking Lot

Down below is litter and debris that needs to regularly be cleaned. Up above is important signage that must be seen. Where consistency meets practice that’s the spot, to maintaining a perfect parking lot. So, whether it’s up or whether it’s down, Dare can help turn it all around.

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The photograph in the featured image is courtesy of Mick Haupt.