Why Leaf Removal is Vital to Your Property

Did you know that Dare offers leaf removal services? While the autumnal mosaic of gold, orange, and red strewn about the ground may be pretty, it can also cause you some issues as a property owner. Leaf removal is a vital part of keeping your property safe and looking its best all year round. So, let’s fall into another blog and learn about the importance of leaf removal!

Fungus, Flooding, and Pests. Oh My!

If fallen leaves are allowed to accumulate on your lawn, they can cause the growth of fungus, increase the likelihood of flooding, and attract nasty pests that are harmful to your grass. Fallen leaves provide the perfect cellulose-based food source” for mold spores to grow and cultivate. When leaves are left to pile up, they create a layer of insulation on top of your grass, trapping in heat and moisture. All of this creates the perfect recipe for mold. Mold causes grass to look patchy, as shown below. These patches are often referred to as “dollar spots.”


Autumn Checklist: An image of a lawn with ‘dollar spots' with a water bottle for perspective

Image courtesy of  ag.umass.edu

Water You Waiting For?

Don’t wait to remove fallen leaves. If mold on your lawn isn’t enough to convince you, allowing leaves to pile up can cause flooding. Large piles of leaves can prevent rainwater from draining properly, resulting in your lawn becoming over watered. As a result, your lawn will not get enough oxygen and will have shallow roots.

Pest Practices

Dead leaves are the perfect environment for bugs and other small animals to live. The leaves provide warmth and moisture for any animals seeking such a refuge. Fallen leaves can also cause weeds to grow come springtime, as a buildup of leaves prevents the grass from getting enough sunlight and nutrients.


An image of fallen leaves on a road.

Image courtesy of Alisa Anton

Autumn But No Fall

Neglecting to remove fallen leaves is a liability to your property. As we covered in an earlier blog, if someone slips and falls on your property due to a tripping hazard, and they can prove that you were aware of the hazard prior to the accident, you could be held liable. Fallen leaves on smooth tarmac or wet grass can be a serious tripping hazard and put you at risk.

Ever Green

Fallen leaves can contain phosphorus. An excess of phosphorus can be detrimental to our environment. As discussed in an earlier blog, if phosphorus is allowed to build up over time it can leak into surrounding lakes, rivers, and ponds. This excess of phosphorus results in an increase in aquatic plant life, which then results in a decrease in oxygen levels throughout the body of water—This process is called eutrophication. The lack of oxygen results in the death of animal life. It’s important to remove fallen leaves to prevent this excess of phosphorus.

Leave It All to Dare

Leave it to us! Our team of experts are ready to remove your fallen leaves so that your property is safe and stays looking its best throughout the year. Click below and get your quote today.

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