Autumn Asphalt and Property Maintenance

As the sun sets on summer and the air begins to chill, we begin to hear the familiar hum of school buses trumpeting the arrival of another autumn. While each season brings its charms and delights, each presents its own unique set of challenges as well. In this blog, we will learn what we need to keep an eye on in regard to asphalt maintenance and general property maintenance as we roll into autumn.

Property Maintenance

We cover autumn property maintenance with Dare’s cleaning and sweeping manager, Mike Gleisberg in another blog. But let’s have a quick recap. Make sure to check your roof, gutters, and downspouts. It’s important that they are cleared of leaves and are securely fastened.

Make sure your storm drains are also clear to prevent flooding. It’s also important to winterize your sprinkler system so that it doesn’t freeze up and become damaged in the winter. And of course, make sure your property is free of fallen leaves. As pretty as they might be, they can be a tripping hazard for pedestrians, especially in the rain.

Asphalt Maintenance

In addition to increasing your scheduled power sweeping to account for fallen leaves, autumn presents many other threats to your asphalt. The beginning of autumn is a good time to schedule a power washing to remove any dirt or debris that might otherwise find its way into cracks. And cracks are the biggest issue you want to sort out early, as they can become a big problem when the weather turns colder.

Asphalt tends to expand in the heat of the summer months, allowing dirt and debris to possibly enter the cracks. The colder weather can cause the asphalt to then contract, thus worsening the crack. Autumn provides the ideal temperatures for sealing and repairing cracks: “Sealcoating should only be applied when temperatures are above 50 degrees for at least 24 hours.”

It’s important to sealcoat and repair any cracks in your asphalt before the weather gets too cold, otherwise you will have to wait until spring. In an earlier blog we discuss how neglected cracks and potholes can be potential liabilities for property owners. Remember, cracks and potholes are not just an unsightly blemish on your property, they are dangerous for pedestrians and vehicles.

The images below show how a small crack can lead to a big problem:

A series of photos showing a small crack in the asphalt that led to a big repair of an inlet.

And finally, check your property for pooling. Pooling is just what it sounds like: an area of your asphalt where water collects or pools. Even if it’s minor, this pooling can result in ice and snow buildup in the winter that could pose a risk to pedestrians and vehicles. If you notice any pooling in the summer, get it repaired in the autumn.

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