Is Parking Lot Striping Worth the Investment?

Is Parking Lot Striping Worth the Investment?

The short answer is, yes—Parking lot striping is worth the investment. But you might be scratching your head and thinking, “Sure, it’s a good thing to have but do I really need to worry about it?” While not everyone has had the experience of owning and maintaining a commercial property, we’ve all had the experience of a consumer. And while the parking lot might seem like a purely utilitarian aspect of your property, it’s the first experience a customer has when they arrive. Pulling into an ill kept parking lot leaves the customer with a bad first impression of the business. As we’ve explored in other blog articles, creating a pleasant, clean, and aesthetically appealing environment brings in more customers and gets them to stay longer. So, let’s dig into why parking lot striping is worth the investment.


The main reason parking lot striping is worth the investment is safety. The last thing you want to happen on your commercial property is an accident. Properly striping your parking lot makes lanes, directions, and spaces pop out both in the day light and at nighttime. This ensures that those visiting your property can clearly discern which way to go and where to park. Proper maintenance of your striping is essential if you wish to keep your property free from easily avoidable accidents.


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Get the Most Out of Your Space

Without clearly marked parking spaces, customers will be forced to guess where to park. And while this might work on the surface, it doesn’t properly utilize your parking lot’s space. More parking space means more customers can visit. And don’t forget about handicap spaces. Without properly marking handicap spots, those who need them most will be forced to park elsewhere. Not only would this put your property out of line with federal law, it would make your property a non-inclusive space, alienating many potential customers.


As I said in the intro, pulling into the parking lot is a customer’s first impression of a business. It’s important that you make that first impression count with a clean and aesthetically appealing parking lot. It might sound like overkill, using the term aesthetic to describe a parking lot, but it’s an essential part of creating an environment that customers enjoy. From the moment they arrive on your property, to the moment they leave, you’re creating an experience for that customer; and it just so happens that the parking lot is both the beginning and the end of that journey.


Now that you know that parking lot striping is worth the investment, it’s time to get started!

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