Let’s Learn About Inlets!

What An Inlet Is?

Sometimes referred to as a drain inlet, drop inlet, curb inlet, and catch basin—Inlets are specially designed drains that collect rainwater. While typical street gutters collect some of the rainwater, inlets are the second line of defense in preventing flooding. So, let’s learn about inlets!

Let's Learn About Inlets! A diagram of an inlet: https://www.slcs.us/departments/griswold_operations_center/catch_basin_information/index.php#:~:text=It%20is%20important%20to%20maintain,in%20yards%20and%20parking%20lots.

Image Credit: slcs.us

Streets and parking lots should be properly engineered to direct rainwater towards the inlet. When this system functions properly we see many benefits including an increase in public safety, significantly reduced harm to the surrounding environment (particularly streams), and reduced harm to the drainage system, thereby lowering maintenance and repair costs.

Why Are Inlets Important?

In a previous blog, we explain that a lack of power sweeping can lead to flooding, which can have a disastrous effect on the surrounding ecosystems. Flooding can wash harmful debris into our lakes and streams. While power sweeping is essential to preventing this, so is proper inlet maintenance.

If not properly maintained and regularly cleaned, inlets will become clogged with debris and fail to do their job. This results in backups and flooding. Not only is this harmful to the environment, it’s harmful to public safety as well. Properly functioning inlets are an essential component to any street or parking lot.

What Happens When An Inlet Becomes Damaged?

Over time, rainwater will weaken the joints between the frame and the grate. Changes in weather can heighten this wear and tear. In winter, water may enter cracks in the asphalt and freeze, exerting pressure on the overall structure. If such deterioration is allowed to persist, the inlet could eventually cave in on itself. When this happens, a full repair must be executed immediately.

Below is an image of an inlet that has caved in on itself. Not only does this prevent the inlet from performing its function, it’s an enormous danger to pedestrians, vehicles, and wildlife.

Let's Learn About Inlets! A photo of a damaged inlet.

The property owner responsible for this damaged inlet was smart, they called Dare. As you can see below, Dare made easy work of this heavily damaged inlet, restoring it to perfect working condition.

Let's Learn About Inlets! The same inlet after it has been repaired by Dare

Now that you’ve learned all you need to know about inlets, it’s time to think about your own property. When was the last time you cleaned your inlet? When was it last inspected? Is your inlet damaged? Then call Dare!

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