Power sweeping helps keep both pedestrians and vehicles safe by removing hazardous debris such as gravel, sand, dirt, oil, and trash. When vehicles run over these substances they act like an abrasive and cause damage to the parking lot’s surface.

Substances like sand and dirt are not only unsightly on the outside but can attach to shoes and be treaded into businesses as well. Worst of all, these substances can prove to be dangerous tripping hazards for pedestrians.

Regularly power sweeping removes this harmful debris, keeping your property both safe and aesthetically pleasing for visitors.


Without power sweeping, certain debris will be washed away by rain and clog storm drains. Not only does this contribute to the pollution of our streams, lakes, and bays but it creates the perfect conditions to promote backups and flooding.

Protects Vehicles

Stones, trash, sand, and other materials can wreak havoc on your vehicle—tearing up the underside, popping tires, and even shooting up and striking the windshield. Large debris has the potential to cause drivers to swerve and panic, promoting the likelihood of accidents and injury.

Prevent Pollution

It’s as simple as this: Waste is harmful. Litter, dirty water, animal droppings—All of this has the potential to harm both ourselves and our environment. Polluted water drains into our streams and lakes, causing a danger to their ecosystems.

Litter such as bits of metal, bits of glass, and cigarette butts can easily end up in our water systems if left unchecked. Even seemingly harmless debris such as grass clipping, hedge trimmings, and leaves (known as green waste) can cause big issues.

Why is power sweeping so important?: A photo of a hand running through a green algal bloom.

Algal Bloom. Photo credit:

An algal bloom is when too much nitrogen and phosphorus enter a water system and causes algal to bloom so rapidly that our ecosystems cannot cope. Green waste contains high levels of both nitrogen and phosphorus and if left unchecked will lead to harmful algal blooms.

Be Safe. Be Smart. Get Dare.

Refusing to invest in power sweeping is not only detrimental to our environment, it’s detrimental to our personal wellbeing. Without power sweeping, debris will build up and deteriorate road and parking lot surfaces as well as cause damage to the vehicles driving on them.

Without power sweeping, harmful debris will be washed into our water systems, promoting flooding and polluting out lakes and streams. Scroll down and fill out the form below to request a quote and get started today.

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