Spring Cleaning

Now that spring is in full swing, it’s time to finish up that spring cleaning. Dare has all the services you need to make your property as bright and beautiful as all the flowers sprouting up outside. Two important things to consider are power washing and power vacuuming.

Power Washing and High-Pressure Jetting

The main difference between the two is heat. High-Pressure Jetting uses heated water, whereas regular power washing is not heated. High-Pressure Jetting is especially useful for cleaning out clogged drains. High-Pressure Jetting works better than a traditional “snake” and can quickly unclog your drains. While there are other names such as hydro-jetting and pressure washing, it all essentially adds up to the same thing: pressurized water being pushed at high speeds.

Pressure Washing Sidewalks & Façades

 Both are great for removing built-up leaves, dirt, and stones from inside the walls of your sanitary lines and drains; washing down machines; removing graffiti, stains, and gum from concrete; and cleaning your roof drains and grease drains. Power washing is also a great way to make your windows shine.

Power Vacuuming

Power vacuuming is pretty much what the name suggests, it’s a way of vacuuming materials that your Shop-Vac cannot possibly handle. Extreme messes call for extreme solutions, and that’s exactly what power vacuuming is. Below are some photos of a catch basin we recently cleaned out for a client. Notice the amount of flooding caused by the clogged drain.

A photo of a flooded catch basin in need of some spring cleaning.

A photo of a clogged catch basin still in need of some spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning: A photo of the catch basin now cleared out by Dare.

Power Sweeping

Sure, you need power sweeping all year round, but spring is a great time to reassess your power sweeping needs and scheduling. Not only does regular power sweeping keep your property looking nice, it also helps prevent flooding, pollution, protects vehicles, and makes your property safer.

Ready to Get Started?

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Feature image courtesy of Annie Spratt.