Spring into Action!

            This incredibly mild winter makes it hard to believe that it’s already time to get ready for spring. We’re sure you already have a routine for your spring property maintenance, but maybe there are some things you’re unaware of that could really benefit your property. Read on for helpful reminders and new tips.

Spring Lawn Care

Over winter, your lawn has accrued an unsightly layer of dead turf grass also known as thatch. Failure to dethatch can prevent new grass from growing and encourage pest infestation and the growth of fungus.

Regular aeration is an important part of your yearly maintenance. Aeration lets in water, oxygen, and nutrients that strengthens and improves your grass. Core aeration requires a special machine inventively called an aerator, but it can be done manually as well without it, though it will be less effective.




An illustration depicting the benefits of aeration.

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Spring Pavement Care

In the autumn we told you about checking your pavement for cracks and early signs of wear because these would worsen in the winter. We understand life sometimes gets in the way, and sometimes we can’t get to everything on our to-do list. If you were unable to prepare your pavement for the winter, you know now that any repairs had to wait until the weather warmed up.

Before and After of crack sealing

Now is the time to survey your property and take note of any cracks or potholes that may have formed or worsened over winter. With temperatures getting warmer, now is the perfect time to schedule any crack sealing or pothole repairs you may need.

Before and After photos of a pothole repair.

A Happy Median

Winter storms may have ruined your lovely parking lot medians and dividers, uprooting plants and shrubs. Dare can remove any unwanted plant life you may have. And if you like, we can replace it with fresh new shrubs or flowers. As shown in the Before-and-Afters below, many property owners enjoy sprucing up these small areas to add a dash of color and life to their parking lots and properties.

Spring maintenance: Before and After photos of shrub removal.

Spring maintenance: Before and After of dead flower removal and new flower installation.


As the weather warms up and people head outside, the likelihood for litter will increase. Only 11% of people tend to litter in a clean environment. This means that there will always be something that has to get picked up. In an earlier blog, we provide research showing that 41% of people tend to litter in an environment that already contains litter.

Without a consistent cleaning schedule of debris removal and power sweeping, your property will accumulate the regular 11%, plus an additional 30%.

The Grass is Always Greener

When You Call Dare!

It might have been a mild winter but that doesn’t mean it didn’t take a toll on your property. As we move into warmer and longer days, it’s important to give your property a thorough spring cleaning. Restore your lawn, prune your trees and shrubs, and plant new flowers.

A retention basin doubling as a fountain.

And don’t forget about your sidewalks, parking lots, and street signs. It’s been proven that a clean, attractive looking property increases rentals as well as visits from customers and clients. In order to create a space people never want to leave, you must properly maintain its appearance and Dare is here to help.

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Featured image courtesy of: Ash from Modern Afflatus.