Interior Landscaping

Interior landscaping is the perfect way to spruce up your property or office and it provides both economic and psychological benefits. At the time of writing this blog, it’s January, which means it’s the start of a new year and the start of a cold winter. What better time to learn about how Dare can help you bring the serenity of the outdoors, indoors?

How Interior Landscaping Can Benefit

Your Business or Property

In two previous blog posts, we discussed both the economical and psychological benefits of landscaping. But interior landscaping has specific, unique benefits that make it such a meaningful investment. Having plants in your office can increase productivity by up to 15%, not to mention make the space more aesthetically pleasing to inhabit. Plus, plants absorb CO2 and provide us with fresh oxygen.

It’s also been shown that management who have invested in a “green office” are seen more favorably by their employees than managers who do not invest in interior landscaping. Increase productivity, pleasing environment, fresh air, and higher moral—Why would you not want to invest in interior landscaping?

But what if your commercial property isn’t an office? What if it’s a shopping center or similar property? Interior landscaping can still benefit you buy increasing the amount of time customers spend at your property.

According to Shopping Centers Today, a shopping mall in Minnesota, “[…] created an indoor floral experience for 15 days, starting in late March, through displays of splashy floor-to-ceiling gardens of flower, plant, and tree varieties. Shoppers responded with holiday-level patronage—generating a year-over-year traffic increase at the 2018 inaugural event of about 60 percent, plus sales increases in the double digits.”

Is such a display too big for your budget or property? Then think a little outside the box. As Shopping Centers Today reports, “Consider also such features as playscapes, splash pools and large fountains—because when the kids want to play, the parents will stay.”

Beyond this, interior landscaping can help keep down heating costs in the winter, as plants naturally provide humidity. Proper placement in the summer can help keep down cooling costs as well. Whether it’s your employees or your customers, people find plants and green spaces calming and inviting.

Where to Start with Interior Landscaping

Interior landscaping doesn’t have to be fancy; it can be as simple as placing a series of potted plants along a corridor or in your lobby. As you can see below, Dare installed some simple plants at these businesses to make the room feel more alive:


Interior Landscaping: Some potted plants in a hallway.


Interior Landscaping: Some simple potted plants in a lobby.


The only limit is your imagination. Here, we see some more elaborate installations done by our team of highly skilled technicians:

Interior Landscaping: A large, leafy installment.


An attractive arrangement of plants in a stone pot.


Seen below is what is known as a “living wall.” It’s a fantastic way to make use of a big space that needs some life:


A living wall.

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