The Best Investment for Your Commercial Property

Everyone’s feeling the pinch these days when it comes to finances. Between record breaking inflation and soaring gas prices, we’re all looking for ways to cut back on costs. If your landscaping needs are something you are considering cutting, you might want to think again. Planting some green is actually a great way to earn some green! So, why is landscaping worth the investment?

Before and after photos of redoing a client's lawn--Why Landscaping is Worth the Investment

Increases Value

Let’s get straight to the bottom line, landscaping makes your property more valuable. Whether you’re looking to sell or lease, you’re going to have an easier go of it if you invest in proper landscaping.

Landscaping can boost the value of your property up to 14 percent and make it sell up to 6 weeks quicker. As small as a five percent investment of the value of your property can result in a 150 percent return on investment. Looks like sometimes money does grow on trees!

It has also been found that the biggest impact on the occupancy of rental properties is landscaping. It makes perfect sense, who would ever choose the less attractive and less maintained property? Investing in landscaping is proven to increase the value of your property. These are just some of the reasons why landscaping is worth the investment.

Why Landscaping is Worth the Investment: Before and After of dead flower removal and new flower installation.

Save on Energy Costs

Property owners can reduce their heating and cooling bills by up to 20 percent by investing in landscaping. By choosing the right plants and having them expertly situated, property owners can see their return on investment in the form of energy savings.

Properly placed trees can provide energy saving shade, blocking windows from the harsh sun. Grassy areas reflect far less heat than paved areas and hedges can act as a form of insulation. Not only is it all functional and cost effective, it looks great too! But there are more reasons why landscaping is worth the investment.

Why Landscaping is Worth the Investment: Before and After photos of shrub removal.

Go Green

Not only is landscaping good for your wallet, it’s also good for the environment. In addition to trees and plants absorbing CO2 and many air pollutants, they can also help purify the soil and even reduce noise pollution by absorbing sound.

Still not impressed? Did you know that being around plant life can increase your productivity by up to 15 percent? Both indoor and outdoor landscaping can help people feel more relaxed and focused. Now you know why landscaping is worth the investment.

Before and after photos of flowerbeds being installed--Why Landscaping is Worth the Investment

Ready to Get Started?

A properly landscaped property invites customers in and puts them at ease. It reduces energy costs and boosts the value of the property. It’s pleasant to experience and helps the environment. How can you afford not to invest in your property’s landscaping?

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Featured image photo courtesy of Towfiqu barbhuiya.