How Detention Basins Save You Money

Detention Basins

For those who don’t know, a detention basin is a manmade pond, built in order to manage flooding and storm runoff water. You may have also heard the term retention basin. Retention basins are the same as detention basins, only they are built to retain the water, creating a more permanent pond. Detention basins have an outlet that allows for quicker redistribution of the water.


A photo of our team clearing a retention basin. How Detention Basins Save You Money.


How Detention Basins Save You Money

Both detention and retention basins help manage flooding and storm runoff water, keeping your property both safer and drier. Investing in a basin can improve the overall quality of a property and prevent costly repairs.

Forbes reports that, “…floods will cost businesses $26.8 billion in direct lost output and $23 billion in lost output due to downtime in 2022.” Flooding is only expected to increase in frequency over the upcoming years, especially in Pennsylvania.

While these basins have their limits, investing in the maintenance and management of your basin can help prevent damage and offset the cost of future repairs.


A retention basin doubling as a fountain. How Detention Basins Save You Money.


Good for Your Wallet,

Good for the Environment

In addition to keeping your property safe, detention and retention basins provide many environmental benefits as well. In an earlier blog, we explain that retention basins help filter stormwater sediment. Retention basins that are neglected lead to property flooding and the release of sediment that can go on to clog surrounding rivers and streams. This sediment can be harmful to the surrounding wildlife as well. Retention basin maintenance contributes to the health and safety of both your property and the environment.

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