Retention Basin Cleaning and Clearing

Retention basin cleaning and clearing is an important part of property management. Retention basins can go by many names, such as a wet pond, detention basin, or stormwater management pond (SWMP). While some may use retention and detention interchangeably, others insist on a specific distinction. Both are manmade ponds that enable the management of stormwater runoff as well as prevent flooding and downstream erosion. The distinction can be found in the name: A retention basin retains the water, forming a more permanent pond. A detention basin merely detains the water for a short amount of time, eventually draining and returning to its dry state. This distinction is illustrated below.

An illustration depicting the difference between a retention basin and a detention basin

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Retention Basin Cleaning

In our blog about the importance of power sweeping, we explain how stormwater runoff can be dangerous to the surrounding ecosystems. Overtime, a retention basin will become dirty and the polluted water will flow out into other areas causing harm. Litter such as bits of metal, bits of glass, and cigarette butts can easily end up in our water systems if left unchecked. Even seemingly harmless debris such as grass clippings, hedge trimmings, and leaves (known as green waste) can cause big issues.

Retention basins build up sentiment and can become clogged. This will result in flooding and possible harm to the integrity of the basin itself. The only way to avoid these issues is through regular maintenance and inspection. The surrounding grass needs to be regularly mowed to facilitate the filtering of stormwater runoff. If you notice that your retention basin has become shallower or shrunk in some way, or if you notice a buildup of algae or pond weeds, this could be a sign that your retention basin requires dredging.

Dredging is a process in which workers use an excavator to remove muck from the bottom of the retention basin. This both deepens and cleans the retention basin.

Retention Basin Clearing

Perhaps you have a new property that has not been serviced for some time and your retention basin is overgrown with brush and plants. This requires a team with appropriate equipment to come in and remove all of the excess growth. Clearing the retention basin is the only way to ensure that the basin performs its job properly.

Why Are Retention Basins Important?

Retention basins help filter stormwater sediment. Retention basins that are neglected lead to property flooding and the release of sediment that can go on to clog surrounding rivers and streams. This sediment can be harmful to the surrounding wildlife as well. Retention basin maintenance contributes to the health and safety of both your property and the environment.

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