Hot, Hot, Heat!

How Heat Affects Your Pavement

If you can believe it, summer is already here! And it has been reported that 2023 will be the warmest year on record. All that sun and heat can take a toll on your property, especially your pavement. In this blog we’ll tell you how heat affects your pavement and how Dare can help you keep it looking its best.

How Heat Affects Your Pavement Markings

This might seem obvious when read, but it’s an easy thing to miss during the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day business. Pavement markings like handicap parking, arrows, and fire lanes are the type of thing we only notice when we need to; when we ask ourselves the questions, “Can I park here?” or “Can I go this way?”

Plus, this fading takes place slowly over time, making it difficult to notice even if you are checking every day. While visiting customers and clients who only stop by on occasion will notice the fading immediately.

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Dare can help with all your parking lot striping and markings to get them shining like new again. And don’t forget, certain markings such as handicap parking and fire lanes, are required by law. So, be sure to survey your parking lot regularly, or call Dare and have us complete one of our Dare Reports to combat how heat affects your pavement markings.

How Heat Affects Your Pavement’s Surface

In an earlier blog, we explain how potholes form and why there has been a recent uptick in their appearance. Most potholes tend to form due to water that has leaked under the surface of the pavement. During a freeze-thaw cycle, that water freezes and causes the pavement to expand. When the water melts, there is now a cavity in the pavement, leaving it vulnerable to cracking.

Before and after photos of crack sealing: How heat affects your pavement

But if potholes involve freezing water, what do we have to worry about during the hot summer? Sadly, very high temperatures can cause your pavement to expand without the need for freezing water underneath. This expansion can cause cracks on its own or make the pavement more vulnerable to cracking due to vehicles.

Before and After of crack sealing: How heat affects your pavement

Call Dare to have us patch those cracks up and fill in those potholes. It’s just another way we help you fight how heat affects your pavement.

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Feature image courtesy of José Ignacio Pompé.