2023 Recap

Can you believe that 2024 is already just around the corner? Well, before we dive into another leap year complete with all the drama of the Olympics and another presidential election, let’s take a moment to reflect on everything we learned in 2023.

Drainage and Gutters in Winter

Let’s start with something relevant to the here and now, cold weather. Make sure your gutters and any drainage systems you have, including inlets, are not clogged or cluttered. If you wait too late to have these areas cleaned, snow and rain can build up and result in flooding. If these areas contain waste and litter, flooding may result in debris washing up in other areas of your property, creating a new mess to clean up.

And don’t forget to make sure everything is securely connected. It’s important to remember all the little things that can turn into big problems when temperatures hit freezing. Check out the photo below:

A photo of a detached gutter, which can be dangerous in winter.

This seemingly innocuous drainpipe can lead to dangerous ice buildup since it is not properly connected. Our team is happy to come out to your property and survey your drainage systems to make sure everything is ready for the cold weather.

Bulk Debris?

Bulk debris can be a problem any time of year. Your regular sanitation service providers take care of the expected. That is, what’s in your dumpster. But Dare can help you with those unexpected messes—Such as a storm knocking over your trash cans or dumpster, strewing debris across your property, as shown in the photo below:

A before shot of bulk debris in a parking lot.

Likewise, overflowing cans or an overflowing dumpster can result in a similar mess. As you can see in the photo below, Dare knows how to deal with it.

An after shot of bulk debris removal in a parking lot.

There’s an Increase in Potholes

This year we learned about an increase in potholes. With the climate changing, a change is occurring you might not have considered. Yearly average temperatures are on the rise, but so are the number of potholes. We all know that spring and fall are the times of year when temperatures frequently change from high to low. This is called a freeze-thaw cycle, and with the changing climate, they’re happening earlier and more frequently. All this results in an increase in potholes.

What can you do about this increase in potholes? Well, the first thing to do is to patch it up. Our team of experts at Dare can come out to your place and do this in a jiffy, like you see in the picture below.

A before-and-after of a pothole we patched up.

Another thing to worry about are sink holes. These can cause much bigger problems than just an ordinary pothole, so make sure to call Dare and get them taken care of immediately.

A before-and-after of a sink hole we patched up.

How Heat Affects Your Pavement’s Surface

In the warmer months we learned about how heat can affect our pavement’s surface. For instance, the heat can affect your pavement markings. This might seem obvious when read, but it’s an easy thing to miss during the hustle and bustle of day-to-day business.

Pavement markings like handicap parking, arrows, and fire lanes are the type of things we only notice when we need to; when we ask ourselves the questions, “Can I park here?” or “Can I go this way?”

power sweeping camden nj

Plus, this fading takes place slowly over time, making it difficult to notice even if you are checking every day. While visiting customers and clients who only stop by on occasion will notice the fading immediately.

Flood Prevention: Inlets

And in the fall we learned about how to maintain our inlets to prevent flooding. Sometimes referred to as a drain inlet, drop inlet, curb inlet, and catch basin—Inlets are specially designed drains that collect rainwater. While typical street gutters collect some of the rainwater, inlets are the second line of defense in preventing flooding.

Autumn Checklist: A series of photos showing a small crack in the asphalt that led to a big repair of an inlet.

If not properly maintained and regularly cleaned, inlets will become clogged with leaves and debris and fail to do their job. This results in backups and flooding. Not only is this harmful to the environment, but it’s also harmful to public safety as well. Properly functioning inlets are an essential component to any street or parking lot.

On To 2024!

All of us at Dare wish you happy holidays and a happy New Year! We can’t wait to hear from you in 2024 and to help you with all your commercial property needs. When you’re ready to get started just click the link below to get your quote.

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