Is Your Property Ready for Winter?

            As we move into a new year and all the cold weather that comes with it, now is the time to make sure your property is ready for winter. Along with the cocoa and mistletoe, winter also brings numerous hazards and challenges. In this blog we’ll discuss everything you need to do to make sure your property survives the upcoming winter.

Drainage and Gutters

            Make sure your gutters and any drainage systems you have, including inlets, are not clogged or cluttered. If you wait too late to have these areas cleaned, snow and rain can build up and result in flooding. If these areas contain waste and litter, flooding may result in debris washing up upon other areas of your property, creating a new mess to clean up.

            And don’t forget to make sure everything is securely connected. It’s important to remember all the little things that can turn into big problems when temperatures hit freezing. Check out the photo below:

A disconnected drainpipe.

This seemingly innocuous drainpipe can lead to dangerous ice buildup since it is not properly connected. Our team is happy to come out to your property and survey your drainage systems to make sure everything is ready for the cold weather.

Winterize Your Lawn and Sprinkler System

            As discussed in one of our earlier blogs, it’s important to winterize your lawn and sprinkler system. If you fail to winterize your sprinkler system early, you may be dealing with burst pipes in the winter.

Winterizing beds and grass fortifies them for the long, cold winter. This can include aerating your lawn, raking leaves, applying fertilizer in mid to late fall, and more. While December may be cutting it close for some of these methods, you may still have time if you act quickly. The results of this work will bloom in the springtime, as your grass comes back healthy and green.

A winter scene of a empty path and trees.

Photo courtesy of Herr Bohn

Check Your Pavement

            Asphalt tends to contract in cold weather, leading to cracks and potholes. It’s best to take care of this in the fall, but it might not be too late if you act fast. Sealing cracks and potholes becomes more difficult as the weather turns colder.

            In an earlier blog we explored asphalt maintenance and learned that it’s important to sealcoat and repair any cracks in your asphalt before the weather gets too cold, otherwise you will have to wait until spring. Remember, cracks and potholes are not just an unsightly blemish on your property, they are dangerous for pedestrians and vehicles.

Act Now!

            It’s already too late in the year for certain acts of maintenance. For instance, sealcoating needs the temperature to stay at 50 degrees or higher for at least 24 hours to be applied correctly. But there are still plenty of things you can get done before winter fully sets in: clean and clear all gutter and drainage systems, make sure all your gutters are connected securely, winterize your lawn and sprinkler system, and possibly address pavement issues.

            But you must act fast! The good news is that our team of experts are ready to help. Click the link below and get your quote today.

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