Litter is Costing You

Your Money

The most obvious way that litter costs you your money, is the cost of paying someone to clean it up. But how you invest in this cleanup process determines your losses.

Only 11% of people tend to litter in a clean environment. This means that there will always be something that has to get picked up. In an earlier blog, we provide research showing that 41% of people tend to litter in an environment that already contains litter.

Without a consistent cleaning schedule of debris removal and power sweeping, your property will accumulate the regular 11%, plus an additional 30%.

A standard item of litter is a coffee cup, so imagine people litter 11 coffee cups on your property every day. It’s a hassle, but perfectly manageable with daily cleaning. Now imagine you only clean once a week. Instead of cleaning up 77 cups each week, this number could increase to 287!

Two graphics showing the difference between 77 coffee cups and 287 coffee cups. Litter is costing you.

Planning a consistent debris removal and power sweeping schedule is the most effective way to keep costs to a minimum.

Litter is Costing You

Your Property’s Value

Not only does litter and debris make your property look bad, but prolonged exposure to waste can also have harmful effects that can damage your property, even after it’s been cleaned. Check out this list from the Department of Environment and Science of Queensland, Australia:

  • Waste can lead to increased concentrations of heavy metals, hydrocarbons, nitrogen, and volatile organic compounds, such as solvents, and gasoline.
  • Discarded items, such as old mattresses, can contain chemicals like formaldehyde that can leach into soils, affecting plant growth and microbial diversity and activity.
  • Waste can smother plants and create micro-habitats.
  • Plastic waste can significantly alter soil properties, including bulk density, porosity, saturated hydraulic conductivity, field capacity, and soil water repellence.
  • Microplastics in soil can create new water channels that cause erosion and dry out soils

All of this can affect the value of your property over time, so it’s best to remain proactive with a regular cleaning schedule.


Two photos showing litter on a property before we cleaned it up and after we cleaned it up. Litter is costing you.


Litter is Costing You

Your Property’s Appearance

Sure, looks aren’t everything. But they certainly matter, and especially when making a first impression. You’re proud of your property and want your clients or customers to see the pride you take in maintaining it. As covered in a previous blog, a property’s appearance has a noted effect on the amount of patronage it receives. It’s all about keeping up appearances!

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