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Why You Need Indoor Landscaping 

Winter is a great time to start thinking about indoor landscaping, but the truth is it can benefit you all year round. It can bring some of the life of spring during the cold, dark months of winter, and add to the zest of summer, even while it fades to autumn. So, let’s dig into why you need indoor landscaping. 

Psychological Benefits of Indoor Landscaping

There’s quite a bit of research showing that the addition of plants to a workspace can make you more productive. The website Positive Psychology explains that “…exposure to nature is not only enjoyable but can also help us improve our focus and ability to concentrate.”  

Indoor Landscaping: A large, leafy installment.

One study compared a “lean office” with a “green office” and found that workers in a space enriched with plants outperformed those in a “lean” space, stripped of all “non-essential” objects. It might seem counter intuitive at first, one might assume that less stuff in the office equates to less distractions. But it’s not about less stuff, it’s about the right stuff, and that equates to indoor landscaping. 

Interior landscaping equals happier, healthier, more productive workers. If you own a business and have employees, even if you own a business and operate it all by yourself, you are doing a huge disservice to your company if you are eschewing interior landscaping in favor of a “lean” workplace. A little investment in indoor landscaping now can pay off in dividends later. 

Interior Landscaping Improves Air Quality 

We’ve all known since elementary school that plants give us oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, but they also help clean the air of other toxins like formaldehyde and benzene. Improving the air quality is always a beneficial thing and indoor landscaping is one of the most cost efficient and natural ways to get it done. 


Indoor Landscaping: Some potted plants in a hallway.


Did you know that plants can even help with noise pollution? Interior landscaping is an effective and pleasing way to block and absorb distracting noises. Installing a few plants will not make a busy office suddenly sound like a library, but it will help. 

Indoor Landscaping Can Help You Save 

Indoor landscaping can help reduce your AC bills in the summer. The moisture produced by the plants can have a cooling effect on the surrounding air. Also, well placed installations can help absorb and block sunlight.


Indoor Landscaping: An attractive arrangement of plants in a stone pot.


The more inviting a place looks, the more people will want to stick around. Attractive indoor landscaping can help attract customers and clients to your property while encouraging them to stay longer in the serene and naturally inviting spaces that well planned interior landscaping can create

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*Featured image photograph courtesy of Annie Spratt.