Spring Maintenance

Around the official start of spring, we told you about general landscape maintenance. But now, as the weather starts to properly feel like springtime, it’s important to look at what that long, cold lonely winter left behind.

Pavement Spring Maintenance

In the autumn we told you about checking your pavement for cracks and early signs of wear because these would worsen in the winter. We understand life sometimes gets in the way, and sometimes we can’t get to everything on our to-do list. If you were unable to prepare your pavement for the winter, you know now that any repairs had to wait until the weather warmed up.


Before and After of crack sealing


Now is the time to survey your property and take note of any cracks or potholes that may have formed or worsened during the frigid winter. With temperatures in the Delaware Valley consistently above 50 degrees, now is the perfect time to schedule any crack sealing or pothole repairs you may need.

Before and After photos of a pothole repair.

Inlets Spring Maintenance

The state of the pavement surrounding your inlets is of the upmost importance. A tiny crack today can lead to a gigantic headache tomorrow, as shown in the image below:

Four photos showing how we repair an inlet.

If an inlet on your property collapses, it can lead to debris buildup, flooding, and even pedestrian accidents. Not to mention it’s an unsightly blemish on your property.

Parking Lot Striping Spring Maintenance

The snow, ice, and plowing of winter can really chip away at your beautiful parking lot, turning bold whites and yellows faint and indiscernible. Not only does this make your property look uncared for, but it can also prove quite dangerous as visitors may not be able to clearly distinguish where to park. Parking lot striping that is clear and visible is especially important in fire zones and handicap spots.

Medians and Dividers

Winter storms may have ruined your lovely parking lot medians and dividers, uprooting plants and shrubs. Dare can remove any unwanted plant life you may have. And if you like, we can replace it with fresh new shrubs or flowers. As shown in the Before-and-Afters below, many property owners enjoy sprucing up these small areas to add a dash of color and life to their parking lots and properties.

Spring maintenance: Before and After photos of shrub removal.

Spring maintenance: Before and After of dead flower removal and new flower installation.

Spring Into Action!

Dare is ready to help you with anything you need to get ready for the warmer weather: pothole repair, crack sealing, parking lot striping, landscaping, flower installation—you name it! Click the link below to get your quote today.

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*Photo used in feature image courtesy of Aniket Bhattacharya