Winter Sweeping

            We’ve barely had time to enjoy the fall colors and it’s already time to start preparing for winter. All seasons bring their own unique challenges to maintaining a commercial property. Let’s explore the important things to think about when it comes to winter sweeping.


            Precipitation tends to pick up come wintertime, meaning more potential for clogged drainage systems and flooding. As we discuss in an earlier blog, without power sweeping, certain debris will be washed away by rain and clog storm drains.

Not only does this contribute to the pollution of our streams, lakes, and bays but it creates the perfect conditions to promote backups and flooding. Regular power sweeping removes this harmful debris, keeping your property both safe and aesthetically pleasing for visitors.


A photo of people with umbrellas in a rainy city scene.

Image courtesy of: Osman Rana


            While the salt we put down to stave off ice is helpful at first, it quickly becomes a nuisance. Salt left to build up can be damaging to your pavement, vehicles, and even to the surrounding environment. Consistent power sweeping is the best way to manage this necessary but problematic aspect of winter.


            Power sweeping helps keeps properties safer all year round, but especially in winter. Debris, dirt, and the added hazard of salt all pose risks to the safety of your customers and clients. They become even more dangerous when combined with ice, snow, and the days getting dark so early.


A black and white photograph of an excavator clearing snow from a parking lot--not quite the same as winter sweeping, but a nice image.

Image courtesy of: Chad Stembridge

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