Is Your Commercial Property Ready for Spring?

Back when the foliage began to shift from verdant greens to the golden hues of autumn, we posted a blog all about prepping your property for the coming weather. Now, as we enter March, we’re here to show you what you need to do to get your commercial property ready for spring.


Over winter, your lawn has accrued an unsightly layer of dead turf grass also known as thatch. Failure to dethatch can prevent new grass from growing and encourage pest infestation and the growth of fungus. The easiest way to dethatch is with a rake that has stiff tines. There are also specialty dethatching rakes. If things get really bad you’ll have to proceed to core aeration. This is a more intensive procedure that requires the renting of a special machine or the hiring of a service.

Is Your Commercial Property Ready for Spring?: An image of a man dethatching a lawn.

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Core aeration is a bit extreme and certainly not something you should need to do every year. Regular aeration is an important part of your yearly maintenance though. Simple, manual aeration helps your lawn by loosening up high-traffic areas where the soil has become too compact to facilitate healthy growth.


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Weed Treatment

Nobody likes weeds. While this might be an ongoing process you’ll have to take care of all summer long, that’s not an excuse to procrastinate. Letting your weeds get out of control now can cause big problems down the line. Get started right away to keep your lawn healthy and free from weeds.


We often take grass for granted and never think about how it grows. Well, like all plants, it often needs a bit of our help. If you want a green and healthy lawn, it’s important to seed any bare patches in the spring.


Is Your Commercial Property Ready for Spring?: A photo of a hand planting seeds in soil.

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Overall Clean Up

It might have been a mild winter but that does not mean it didn’t take a toll on your property. As we move into warmer and longer days, it’s important to give your property a thorough spring cleaning. Restore your lawn, prune your trees and shrubs, and plant new flowers. And don’t forget about your sidewalks, parking lots, and street signs. It’s been proven that a clean, attractive looking property increases rentals as well as visits from customers and clients. In order to create a space people never want to leave, you must properly maintain its appearance and Dare is here to help.


Dare is here to get every aspect of your commercial property ready for spring.

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