Let’s Review 2022!

            The new year is quickly approaching, so it’s the perfect time to look back on everything we learned in 2022. Supply disruptions, inflation, and other disruptions resulted in all of us keeping a closer eye on our budgets. We tried our best this year to show you how our numerous services can help you save money while keeping your commercial property in tiptop shape. So before we pop the bubbly and ring in 2023, let’s review 2022!

Litter is Costing You Your Money

The most obvious way that litter costs you your money, is the cost of paying someone to clean it up. But how you invest in this cleanup process determines your losses.

Only 11% of people tend to litter in a clean environment. This means that there will always be something that has to get picked up. In an earlier blog, we provide research showing that 41% of people tend to litter in an environment that already contains litter.

Without a consistent cleaning schedule of debris removal and power sweeping, your property will accumulate the regular 11%, plus an additional 30%.

A standard item of litter is a coffee cup, so imagine people litter 11 coffee cups on your property every day. It’s a hassle, but perfectly manageable with daily cleaning. Now imagine you only clean once a week. Instead of cleaning up 77 cups each week, this number could increase to 287!


A before and after of some litter and debris we cleaned up for a client.


Why Landscaping is Worth the Investment

Let’s get straight to the bottom line, landscaping makes your property more valuable. Whether you’re looking to sell or lease, you’re going to have an easier go of it if you invest in proper landscaping.

Landscaping can boost the value of your property up to 14 percent and make it sell up to six weeks quicker. As small as a five percent investment of the value of your property can result in a 150% return on investment. Looks like sometimes money does grow on trees!

It has also been found that the biggest impact on the occupancy of rental properties is landscaping. It makes perfect sense, who would ever choose the less attractive and less maintained property? Investing in landscaping is proven to increase the value of your property. These are just some of the reasons why landscaping is worth the investment.


Spring maintenance: Before and After of dead flower removal and new flower installation.


How Detention Basins Save You Money

Both detention and retention basins help manage flooding and storm runoff water, keeping your property both safer and drier. Investing in a basin can improve the overall quality of a property and prevent costly repairs.

Forbes reports that, “…floods will cost businesses $26.8 billion in direct lost output and $23 billion in lost output due to downtime in 2022.” Flooding is only expected to increase in frequency over the upcoming years, especially in Pennsylvania.

While these basins have their limits, investing in the maintenance and management of your basin can help prevent damage and offset the cost of future repairs.


A photo of our team clearing a retention basin.


On to 2023!

We hope you had a great year and all of us at Dare wish you happy holidays and a great New Year! When you’re ready to get started, click the link below and get your quote.

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