Warm Weather: And What it Means for Your Property

Warm Weather

And What it Means for Your Property

Here Comes the Sun!

Warm weather is here! This blog is somewhat of a follow up of our last blog, Spring Maintenance, in which we covered everything you need to know about restoring your property after a long, cold, wet winter. If you haven’t completed your spring maintenance of crack sealing, pothole filling, parking lot striping, inlet maintenance, and median maintenance, there’s still time to do it.

But you’ll want to get it done soon as warm weather, means higher traffic. Warmer temperatures and sunny days will bring more pedestrians and vehicles out to your property. This can affect your pavement, and the quality of your pavement can affect those visiting your property.

More People, More Accidents.

With more people driving and walking around, the more likely there is to be an accident. Warm, sunny weather brings people outside for shopping, dining, concerts, and events. Regardless of what demographic your property caters towards, the overall volume in pedestrian and vehicle traffic means a higher chance of an accident occurring on your property.


A photo of several pedestrians out in the warm weather.

Courtesy of Mauro Mora

The warm weather also results in an uptick of reckless driving, as people can lose their patience in the heat or may have been drinking at some sort of summer event. It has also been shown that warm weather increases footfall to brick-and-mortar stores and a study by Kyle B. Murray in 2010 showed that exposure to sunlight increases levels of consumption, which can result in higher levels of traffic.


In an earlier blog we cover how failure to maintain your property could result in potential lawsuits. If someone is injured as a result of an unfilled crack or pothole and it can be determined that you were aware of the crack or pothole prior to the accident, you could be held responsible.


Before and after photos of crack sealing. Important to keep on top of heading into warm weather.


More traffic means a higher likelihood of such an accident occurring. And more traffic means more wear and tear to your pavement. Make sure you stay out in front of this and regularly survey your parking lot for damage or have our team at Dare come out and write up a Dare Report for you.

It’s also important that your property is ADA compliment with clearly posted handicap parking signs and clearly painted handicap spots. Our team at Dare can help you with both your signage and your parking lot striping.

Power Sweeping

If warm weather means more people, more people means more trash and debris. Power sweeping is the most effective tool against trash and debris cluttering your parking lot. Not only is this trash and debris a blemish on your property, it’s also a safety hazard.

Power sweeping helps keep both pedestrians and vehicles safe by removing hazardous debris such as gravel, sand, dirt, oil, and trash. When vehicles run over these substances they act like an abrasive and cause damage to the parking lot’s surface.


A photo of one of our power sweepers.


Substances like sand and dirt are not only unsightly on the outside but can attach to shoes and be treaded into businesses as well. Worst of all, these substances can prove to be dangerous tripping hazards for pedestrians. And remember, warm weather means more traffic, and more traffic means more accidents.

Regularly power sweeping removes this harmful debris, keeping your property both safe and aesthetically pleasing for visitors.

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Our expert team at Dare is ready to help you get ready for the warm weather. Power sweeping, landscaping, surveying with Dare Reports, signage, parking lot striping, and more. Dare is ready to work for you! Click the link below to get your quote today.

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